#GivingTuesday in AmeriDrive – Be Part of our First Toy Drive!

AmeriDrive is proud to announce our first Toy Drive for kids in need from the Immaculate Conception Catholic School!

This #GivingTuesday AmeriDrive will begin to collect toys for the kids of the Immaculate Conception Catholic School.

Giving Tuesday, popularly known as #GivingTuesday part of the hashtag activism, refers to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States. #GivingTuesday is a movement in an effort to create an international day of charitable giving to begin the holiday season. Giving Tuesday was started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season (Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

The mission of Immaculate Conception Catholic School (ICC), established in 1954, is to offer all students from early childhood to adolescence a quality Roman Catholic education by meeting the specific needs of the students in their spiritual, academic, cultural, physical, and social development.

Students from any background can attend the ICC school through the utilization of various scholarships; including, AAA Scholarship, McKay Scholarship, and StepUp for Students. In order to help families in the ICC school through the holidays, every year on December 15th volunteers come to the homes of these families and decorate their houses. AmeriDrive has seen this occasion as an incredible opportunity to add a little Christmas magic to the kids from the ICC School by giving them toys along with their new Christmas tree and decorations.

Giving Tuesday has become a positive movement in today’s society. With a large number of organizations, including GoogleMicrosoftSkypeCiscoUNICEF, the Case FoundationSave the Children, and others joining in as partners. Giving Tuesday has been praised as the direct opposite of today’s consumer culture and as a way for people to give back.

Take this as your opportunity to give back to your community and become part of the movement. Starting this #GivingTuesday November 27th, 2018 through Friday, December 14, 2018, when AmeriDrive will open its doors to all of those who are willing to gift toys to the children of the ICC School.

How It Works

  1. Find a shoe box or gift bag.
  2. Choose who are you sending it to (girl, boy, age).
  3. Fill it up with gifts.
  4. Bring it to AmeriDrive!

4 simple steps to make Christmas magical for one of the kids from the Immaculate Conception Catholic School.

AmeriDrive is going to be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. See directions down below. Can’t wait to see you all here!

 21025 NW 2nd Ave 4th floor, Miami, FL 33169

AmeriDrive has partnered with Lyft! | AmeriDrive – Your car subscription service.

AmeriDrive continues to increase its footprint in the car-sharing industry with its new partnership with Lyft.

Up until recently, consumers only had two options when it came to acquiring an auto: buy or lease. Now a third alternative is gaining momentum known as vehicle subscription, giving consumers access to a wide selection of automobiles by allowing subscribers to have exclusive use of a car based on a monthly fee. The AmeriDrive program offers Lyft drivers yet, another alternative without the commitment, plus a $350 bonus incentive to those who sign up through AmeriDrive.

“Car subscription takes away the hassle and stress of the car buying process,” said Agustin Perret COO of AmeriDrive, “People need an alternative that is easy and flexible since over 80% of people will trade-in their cars every few years. Car subscription fits that lifestyle while also giving a new generation of consumers a different, compelling way to drive as our slogan says “Simply Drive”.”

Ameridrive has access to more than 2,500 used vehicles, including a fleet of new cars. Members are loving the perks of having a car subscription instead of buying or leasing. Contrary to traditional ways of car ownership, AmeriDrive offers unlimited miles, unlimited warranty, and roadside assistance, as well with unlimited swaps in order to fit their lifestyle. This way, drivers all around South Florida are able to start working without a downpayment, commitment or even worry about repair bills.

“You have the option to drive an economy car if you want to or treat yourself, if you want to do that one week” said Ryan Rea, current member of AmeriDrive, “Even, if your family comes into town, you are able to upgrade to a minivan for as long as they stay and get them all in.”

AmeriDrive offers the ultimate car experience while providing driver’s an extraordinary ride.

You can also see how AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription program works, or apply for the AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription Program here.

Call us at 833-FLO-FLEX (833-356-3539) and ask us about the Lyft’s “New Driver” exclusive bonus with AmeriDrive in Florida.

The future of Car Ownership is changing | AmeriDrive – Your Car Subscription Service

Alternative vehicle ownership is becoming increasingly popular among consumers.

The traditional idea of car ownership will not go away overnight, but the industry will see a transformation in the next few years. So, what will ultimately cause a decline in vehicle ownership? Specialists say there are several factors such as ridesharing, subscription services, and autonomous vehicles among other alternative ownership models.

What do dealers make of this? Well, only 1 in 10 dealers see these trends as a threat to their business. Subscription services offer dealers a huge opportunity because it gives them another option to add to their business plan. It also allows consumers to experience multiple vehicles within your brand, and it will lead to an increase in revenue from fixed-ops as well.

If you are interested to continue reading about this story, head over here to read more.

You can also see how AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription program works here. Or apply for AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription Program here.

We Are Offering You Brand New Cars! | AMERIDRIVE – A Different Way To Drive.

AmeriDrive is adding brand new vehicles to its fleet!

You have spoken, and we have listened! We have expanded our inventory to meet your lifestyle perfectly!

With over 2,500 cars available in Florida, we continue to add BRAND NEW vehicles to our fleet. Find any car you could ever imagine and if we don’t have it just request it! With our subscription, you have the choice of riding in a used 2016 Volkswagen Jetta and then upgrade to a never before driven 2019 Nisan Rouge.

So, if you’re thinking about buying a new car but you don’t want to commit yet this is a perfect alternative.

Subscribe to it, fall in love with it!

How does it work?

Basically, “almost” the same as before. Since these vehicles are intended to be for a longer term than our regular 1 week minimum, now 1-month minimum, we will require a bit more information about you, just to make sure you are a real person and not a robot. Just fill out the information you feel most comfortable sharing and we will contact you with the following steps.

You can Apply Here to be one of the first to enjoy these awesome vehicles at crazy low prices!

Or check out here all of the BRAND NEW VEHICLES available in Florida!

Why You May Want To Consider Joining The Subscription Era | AMERIDRIVE – A Different Way To Drive.

We’ve all been subscribing to various services for many, many years. Electric power, telephone, cable television, internet access, and even a rented apartment all qualify as subscriptions. You regularly pay a periodic amount to make use of the service.

Various sources suggest the term “software as a service” (SaaS) emerged sometime between 1999 and 2005. Pioneers like Salesforce.com have launched a revolution that has extended well beyond the delivery of software paid for as a subscription. The subscription model can be found almost everywhere.

AmeriDrive, along with several automakers, now encourage customers to subscribe to their next vehicle instead of owning it. Seattle-based internet giant Amazon offers customers the ability to subscribe to monthly deliveries of everything from coffee to water filters to dog food.

Advantages To The Subscription Consumer

Financial executives appreciate the predictability, consistency and the enhanced ability to budget monthly, quarterly or even annual expenses.

Continue to read here.

Apply for AmeriDrive’s Car Subscription Program here.